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Mr. Stein Mathisen - Candidate

Mathisen Home Inspections

Inspection Services

Mr. Mathisen is a trusted provider of home inspection services to the residential real estate market in the Ottawa region. 

Stein graduated with honours from Queens University’s Civil Engineering program and has been licensed in the province of Ontario as a Professional Engineer since 1994. Over his career he has worked in civil / municipal engineering, environmental and management consulting, including water supply & sewerage, roads & bridges, surface water management, hydrogeology and other areas. Beginning in 2005, Stein's focus shifted to the residential homes sector where he has worked as a home designer and construction manager. He has also been contracted by Natural Resources Canada’s Local Energy Efficiency Partnership Project (LEEP), which works with Canadian homebuilders to promote energy efficient / renewable technologies in home construction.

Since 2019 Stein has focused on the delivery of quality home inspection services for Ottawa’s real estate market, offering personal, trustworthy assessments of homes to home buyers, sellers, developers and real estate agents alike.

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Mr. Stein Mathisen